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How Do Air Dryers Work

Many manufacturing processes depend on a steady supply of dry, compressed air, making compressed air dryers an absolute necessity.

There is a plethora of instrument air dryer options available today. You may select the best-compressed air dryer from Colt Equipment's selection by learning about the many types of air dryers and how they work.

What is compressed air dryer

Compressed air dryers are machines manufactured by Air Dryer Manufacturers in India that remove humidity from air used in manufacturing processes. Compressing humid air elevates its temperature, which in turn causes the water vapour to condense out of the unit and be removed.

Separation can also be accomplished in various ways. The most popular types of air dryers are refrigerated dryers, desiccant dryers, and membrane dryers.

How a Refrigerated Air Dryer Operates

Because of their low price and low maintenance requirements, refrigeration air dryers manufactured by Air Dryer Manufacturers In India are widely utilised in manufacturing. They can be used for air-drying tasks that don't necessitate meeting strict conditions like a certain minimum dew point.

The basis of operation of a refrigerated air dryer is based on the quick chilling, condensation, and drainage of humid air. The mechanism is similar to that of a household refrigerator or air conditioner.

Refrigerated air dryers remove moisture from the air in several steps:

  • Humid, warm air is drawn into the dryer, swiftly cooled by a refrigeration unit to a temperature of around 3 °C (37.4 °F). Water vapour in the air condenses at this temperature, and the resulting water is collected in a water trap and supplied to discharge lines.
  • Dry air from the chamber is reheated to ambient temperature and released through an outlet, while the warm, gaseous refrigerant is cooled and regenerated in a condenser.

Additionally, both cycling and non-cycling variations of chilled air dryers are commercially available.

Non-cycling dryers manufactured by Air Dryer Manufacturers In India work by periodically shutting down and restarting to maintain the needed temperature, while cycling dryers are 100% duty cycle machines that maintain a constant dew point temperature.

Both types have their uses, but cycle types typically increase maintenance expenses.

How a Desiccant-type Air Dryer Functions

Colt Equipment's desiccant air drier system has two towers: one to remove moisture from the air and another to recycle the desiccant.

The single-tower desiccant air dryer manufactured by Air Dryer Manufacturers in India is a less typical variation that uses a singular tower to remove moisture from incoming air. Similarly, single-tower dryers don't use electricity and don't have any moving parts. They can be used in places with a high fire or corrosion risk.

Desiccant material, hygroscopic substances with a strong affinity for water, is used as the dehumidifying agent in these instrument air dryers. Compressed air dryers of this sort can reduce the dew point of the air, making it ideal for usage in colder areas and industries that require extremely dry air.

Heated desiccant air dryers, heatless desiccant air dryers, and heat of-compression desiccant air dryers are the three most common types of desiccant drier systems.

The Theory behind a Membrane Air Dryer

Water vapour is removed from process air using porous membranes, much like those used in nitrogen or carbon dioxide separation. Since there are no moving parts, these systems are less complicated, cheaper, and easier to maintain. They work well for air separation with modest volumes.


Compressed air systems from Colt Equipment are among the best in the world. Our company has supplied air-drying solutions to businesses, factories, and environmental centres for many years.