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Screw Air Compressor (VFD)

Highlight features of screw Compressprs
  • Built with european Quality standards

  • Two Years/8000 hours warranty and free service

  • Screw element life for over 6 years or 30000 hours

  • Lowest possible Maintainance cost, Consumables cost can be fixed for 6 years/30000 hours under AMC contract

  • Large Pre Filter to increase life of internal components

  • Easy access to all components, doors open from all sides

Touch Screen Controller
  • Large Display Size

  • Additional parameters such as amperes/voltage and power displayed for main motor and fan motor

  • consumable lifetime/service due Indicator

Radial Fan
  • High Efficiency Radial Fan

  • VFD Controlled (25 HP Onwards)

  • No Thermostat

  • Fan Start/Stops on the basis of temperature

High Efficiency Motor
  • Permanent magnet IE4 Efficiency Motor

High Efficiency Combi Cooler
  • Oversized Coolers designed for High Ambient Temperatures upto 48° C

Complete Stainless Steel Piping
  • No Rubber Hoses

  • Less maintenance cost

Low Speed - Direct Drive Screw Element
  • low maintenance cost

  • Increased life of bearing

Energy Efficient Drive
  • Specially designed for compressor application

  • Safety protections like Single Phasing "Motor Overload, Current imbalance, over voltage, low voltage, High Pressure Tripping"

High Efficiency Oil Separator
  • Less Oil Carryover

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