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A chiller is used to deal with the feed throat temperature for water-cooled extruders. Downstream cooling related with vacuum sizing tanks for pipes, profiles, and tubing. Chillers provide a tight-loop water system to cool any equipment or product. As a crucial by-product, the refrigeration emits waste heat which should be dissipated to the adjoining.

Advantages of Chillers
Chiller is broadly used in huge extrusion facilities. Brewery, pharmaceutical and restaurants are to name a few. Considering the requirement, air, water or water-cooled air chiller can be installed. Before you go for picking chillers, you should learn about the advantages they offer.

Finding out the lifespan is the foremost thing that you should pay attention to as water-cooled chillers should not bring you replacement hassles. As these are placed inside which means these remain unaffected to outdoor areas like rain, heat or snow, these are likely to be less vulnerable. Unlike air-cooled chillers, a water-cooled chiller can easily function without noise because the flow of water passing through the structure does not cause any noisy expansion and condensation. Owing to the prime feature, this type of chiller has become the most admired choice of schools and hospitals where silent action is most sought after.
The aspect why water-cooled chillers are applauded is that they transfer heat in a more efficacious manner, which leads to saving more on energy costs of the businesses where they are utilized. When it comes to water-cooled chillers, generally no open space is required. Water acts as the main refrigerant in a water chiller. That is the reason, these are looked as a safer pickup for people who come in their network. If space occupancy is your main concern, a screw chiller compressor is befitting because it has less spare parts and it continue to function for the longer period.

How Different Types of Chillers Meet the Cooling Demand of Industries?
Chiller is known as significant cooling equipment used in laboratories. The main purpose of a chiller is to remove heat from one area and pass it to sources like ambient air or water. Chiller is compressor based equipment which cools as well as controls the temperature of a liquid. It does not act like air conditioners that cool air. Besides compressor, the other components of a chiller include a reservoir, a temperature controller and a recirculating pump.

Types of Chillers Based on Functionality
Chillers can be segregated on various basis like functionally and portability. They can Air Chiller, Water Chiller or Screw Chiller. Let's learn about the chillers that are classified on the basis of their functioning.
The first type of chiller is Air cooled chiller which absorbs heat from process water. Then they transfer it to the ambient air. These are widely used in a variety of applications where the heat is discharged. They don't require a cooling tower or even a condensed water pump. The maintenance of these types of chillers is far less than water cooled units. Relying on the fact, they consume 10% more power.
The second type is known as water cooled chillers. Here the heat is absorbed from process water which then is transferred to an individual water source like a pond, river or a cooling tower, etc. These are mainly used in the areas where the heat produced by air chillers creates a problem. As they consume less power, these are preferred by people who are looking for optimum efficiently of power consumption.

Working Process of Chillers
The functioning principle of a laboratory chiller is simple. The reservoir is filled with a liquid or fluid, water or water mix, to be recirculated. Then the reservoir is linked to the equipment required and then the power is transferred to the chiller. The functions of water chillers are regulated by the controller. Individual users can always set the parameters depending on their requirements like flow, temperature, and pressure. An internal strainer is specially used in the process which helps to keep away the harmful particles from the system.

Chiller Diagram

Applications of Chillers in Varied Industries
Different types of cooling equipment are used in varied industries. However, let's talk about the most common applications of chillers. In plastic industry, Chillers are basically used to cool the hot plastic. It cools down the plastic which is either injected or blown extruded. They also play an important role in cooling down the equipment that is used in the manufacturing process. When it comes to their role in the printing industry, chillers are used for removing the heat which is generated by the printing rollers. They also support cooling the paper once it comes out of the ink drying ovens. Modern screw chillers are used in the high powered electronics. The chillers are also used inside the MRI machines and PET, used in the sophisticated diagnostic tools. Chillers are efficient in cooling down the lasers and the source of the power supply which is used to power them.

Tips to Buy a Chiller for Your Industry
After you have understood the basics of chiller, you must have a fair idea of these highly efficient equipment suitable for industrial demands. However, if you wish to select an Industrial chiller, it is better to consider few nitty gritty that can help you take the right decision. Indeed, it is true that all chillers like water cooled, air cooled or screw chiller are mainly used in order to perform the same function. But here you need to take a little extra care so that you can pick the best chiller that can perform at par with your industrial needs. Chiller operation and maintenance in a country like India is one of the most important issues ever addressed in the industrial space. Hence, it is better to consider the following factors before you buying the one.

Find Out Industrial Needs
First of all, decide on this what kind of chiller do you actually need; portable or central one? It is best to get in touch with a company that deals in the both so that you can make an informed choice. However, it is mainly based on the space of the business you are operating in. if a water cooled chiller can meet your demands then it is best to pick that and ignore the one operated by air.

Give Preference to Chiller Type
There are different ways of cooling down; it can be done by using air or water. Hence, you should go for the one that is aligned with your cooling demands, even you can consider water cooled air chiller. However, it is better to find out with the company about the maintenance support so that these can function without interruption.

Consider the Efficiency Factor
Efficiency is a factor that you cannot ignore when it comes to industrial equipment. Pick a water chiller with high efficiency and easy maintenance. Chillers are the most vital components for any industry and it can have impact on your business. But considering the above points will help you make the informed decision. So always have a fair idea about your needs and preferences to save yourself from any hassle. Regards