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Evaporative Condensers in India

An Evaporative Condensers in India is a condenser integrated into a cooling tower which rejects the latent heat of condensation of refrigerant (Ammonia/Freon) through a coil to the surroundings by means of evaporation. Water sprayed onto the coil exchanges hest with the refrigerant. A small quantity of water is evaporated into the air thereby cooling the remaining water cascading to the basin at the bottom. Post evaporation the saturated air passes through the drift eliminators and then forced out using a fan.


Conventional system uses a plate type / shell & tube heat exchanger, in which primary circuit has refrigerant flowing through it & secondary circuit has circulating water. Circulating water from the secondary circuit rejects heat through cooling tower, the heat exchanger acts as isolation point to maintain two independent circuits. In a conventional system performance & secondary circuit is vulnerable to scaling due to water quality.
In an Evaporative Condenser the intermediate heat exchanger, secondary pump-piping & cooling toewe is replaced by a single unit consisting of refrigerant condensing coil as integral part of the unit eration of the system. The terminal temperature difference required for intermediate heat exchanger is eliminated which translates to system savings.


Colt’s evaporative condenser offers unmatched flexibility, reliability, providing optimized selections for various Refrigeration System & climatic, utilizing multi flow configuration. Colt provides the most energy efficient evaporative condenser in the market.

  • Wide Range of Thermal Duties – Ideal for Ammonia / Freon condensation with approach
  • Retro Fit & Replacement – Single air inlet models are designed and fit into the existing system.
  • Selection Customization – can optimizefootprint and least Power requirements to suit project requirements, large product range & Customized Material of Construction*.
  • Largest sales & support network across India.
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