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Compressed Air Piping Systems

There are a variety of industries and sectors today that make use of similar kind or functioning devices and equipment. The application or use of the system however may vary from one industry to other but their internal composition and manufacturing process remains unaltered. One such widely used system is compressed air and its related piping system. As the name suggests, compressed air piping system is mainly used to deliver compressed air at the usage point and depending on the application, the force or pressure of the air can be modified. It may be used to power a mechanic or even an electrical device and hence this compressed air has wide spectrum of applications.

A Quick Guide to Compressed Air Piping System

Any kind of compressor used in any kind of industry is accompanies by a well-structured piping system. The overall mechanism of the compressor depends on proper functioning of this system and if the system fails, then the compressor won’t function as it is intended to work. Most of the compressor manufacturers tend to focus solely on the functioning of the compressor, without giving proper attention to the mechanism of the piping system. Some of the point to remember for Compressed Air Piping system is given below:

  • The main aim or purpose of the Compressed Air Pipe in India is to output the compressed air with adequate volume and pressure to power the component so without proper piping mechanism, the energy cost may go up and that may result in the entire system failure.
  • For the piping system, most of the manufacturers prefer plastic or any kind of metal, not the regular simple plastic but PVC or CPVC pipes.
  • Plastic pipes are corrosion resistant and they have a smooth interior surface, hence easy to mould and connect as well, in comparison to the metal variant.
  • Metals on the other side are stronger and does not change shape, hence in a long run, they are safer.
  • While drawing a piping layout consider factors like sharp angles, moisture, and obstructions that may affect the pressure efficiency of a system.

Applications of Compressed Air

There are many industries where compressed air at relatively high pressure is used to function various elements or components. It is widely used in industries like aerospace, automotive, chemical manufacturing, electronics, general and glass manufacturing, beverages and Food Corporation, medical industry, power industry and various other sectors. The company has tie ups with companies from varied sectors to deliver 100 percent effective piping systems and compressors that can be used for multiple applications. With technical competencies and experience in the sector, the team here ensures that quality tested products are manufactured and delivered to the clients so as to maintain client retention rate. The range of products manufactured and delivered at the company includes the likes of pressure vessels, screw air compressors, gas compressors, ammonia reciprocating compressors, shell and tube heat exchanges among others.

The team survives on client satisfaction and hence leave no stone unturned to deliver no less than tested quality products to their clients