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Compressed Air and Its Related Equipment

In large factories, there are equally large machines and spare parts that are used for varied applications. Most of the time a single component can be used in multiple ways depending on the working conditions and the kind of application it is used for. One such highly customisable thing used in multiple applications is compressed air. It is nothing but the air that is compressed much greater than the atmospheric pressure. There is technically no difference between this air and the one which we inhale or exhale except for the fact that it has been compressed to a much smaller volume and is kept under high pressure.

A Beginners Guide for Compressed Air

Compressed air as explained above is one of the most cost effective and inefficient energy sources that found application in a number of manufacturing sectors. There are many renowned companies that implements Compressed Air Solutions for their various appliances and units. Since the compressed air is stored at high pressure, it can be used for transmission of high intensity of energy. It is simple, economical, and much safer option than their other energy counterparts. The main question is how is the common air compressed? It is done via an air compressor that discharges the compressed air through high pressure valve. The quality of the air released determines the overall quality of the air compressor. Some of the most obvious reasons to go for compressors are as follows:

  • It is cost effective and economical
  • Unlike other energy sources, it is much safer
  • Compressed air is easy to use and so is the air compressor unit
  • It has high energy efficiency
  • The operation cost for a compressor is comparatively low
  • Compressed air or compressors found a wide range of application in different manufacturing sectors
  • Above all, compressed air is highly versatile

Some of the industries where the compressed air is highly used include the likes of industrial manufacturing units, automotive units like in Compressor Spare Parts, and various other general applications. The team at Colt Group is highly experienced and creative to bring out technically advanced innovative applications using this compressed air that will reduce the overall cost and improve efficiency to a great extent.

All About Colt Equipment and Applications

Colt is one of the pioneers and a well-known brand today that is known to produce and deliver quality compressors and other similar air and gas compressor units. Their manufacturing unit is not limited to compressors but they ideally create other equipment in the range of Screw Air Compressors, ammonia reciprocating compressors, gas compressors, reciprocating low- and high-pressure compressors, shell and tube heat exchangers, ammonia and freon screw chillers, pressure vessels, and PSA oxygen and nitrogen plants among others. The team is highly efficient and experienced in manufacturing 100 percent quality products that satisfies the end requirement of the clients. The company has a quality adherence policy that ensures that at every stage of development, proper quality check is done to make sure than quality of the product has not been compromised at any stage.