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Quality production of compressed air units

For a compressed air piping system, both the compressor as well as the piping plays a vital role. A good compressor is equally important and relevant as the piping system. Hence every aspect of the piping system right from the layout to final installation must be well taken care of. These piping systems as well as compressor air principle today founds varied applications today, from regular domestic units to high end factory outlets. Read further to know more details of the piping system and air compressors.

All about piping systems

Compressed air piping systems are mainly used to deliver the compressed air at the right place in right amount. Hence a well laid out system is important for proper functioning as well as to maintain profitability.

As this compressed air is mainly used to function certain equipment, hence the piping system must be efficient enough to output compressed air in sufficient quality and pressure. Basically, for such kinds of piping systems, either plastic or metal material is used for the pipes. Plastic pipes are corrosion resistant, have a smooth surface, comparatively light in weight that metals, and also these are easy to attach to the primary equipment. However, any kind of plastic cannot be used, but hight quality PVC pipes are usually used in the making process. The main disadvantage is that metal pipes become brittle with time and hence chances of breakage is high.

Metal pipes are more strong and hence safer to use for a longer duration of time. The lubricants used in the system won’t degrade the metal material. Different types of metals including black steel, stainless steel, black iron etc. can be ideally used in the manufacturing process of the piping systems. To enhance the efficiency of the piping system, certain aspects must be taken care of. The factors include the likes of moisture content, sharp angles, obstructions among others. An experienced team with hands on experience will be an ideal choice to customise the compressed air system as per the application.

Quality above quantity at Colt

Colt Equipments Pvt Ltd. is manufacturers of high grade compressed air units and equipment’s. They are one of the most reliable and trustworthy oil free air compressor manufacturers in India. It is a brand name that is associated with quality and affordable products.

The company boasts of highly experienced technicians and state of art manufacturing unit with all required provisions of production. All the end products undergo safety regulations and quality checks before final delivery to the client. Some of the products that are manufactured at the unit includes the like of screw air compressors, ammonia reciprocating compressors, gas compressors, reciprocating low- and high-pressure compressors, shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, ammonia and freon screw chillers, PSA oxygen and nitrogen plants among others.

Not only the company has been able to taste success in manufacturing domain, but it is also known for its reliability and trustworthiness. After the manufacturing process, the technicians make sure that the product reaches the client intact and it is installed properly and maintained well. All these services make Colt a one stop destination for all quality equipment.