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Information about Oil Free Air Compressor That You Must Know

It is a fact that an oil-free air compressor doesn’t make use of oil for operation. On the other hand, there is compression of air with the help of certain screws without any requirement for any oil seal. It is usually not possible for these compressors to handle the pressure capacity of the oil compressors out there. At the same time, these are not that expensive because of their small size and capacity.

You will come across three primary types of compressors at present, namely, reciprocating air, rotary screws, and rotary centrifugal. This will depend on the type and size of your operation. It is a fact that the rotary screw air compressor happens to be amongst the most well-known of all the oil-free options out there. It makes use of screws to maintain perfect alignment with the help of timing gears. Oil-free compressors, including Oil Free Reciprocating Compressor in India, will minimize the possibility of contamination and oil spills to a great extent.

Oil-free air compressor uses and lifespan

It is possible to make use of these types of air compressors in the house for performing some typical handyman jobs out there. On most occasions, these will enable a couple of tools to operate simultaneously, like nail guns. We also use them in fields like the food industry and medical research where run-offs and oil spills are not considered to be acceptable. Repair industries, construction, as well as auto manufacturing also make use of compressors of this type at least to some extent.

It is a fact that oil-free air compressors will not serve you as long as those compressors which make use of oil. These are not that resilient, and the external parts of these devices are not safeguarded by any metallic substance. As a result, they can break down quite frequently while being operated on a regular basis. However, it is possible to extend their lifespan with regular maintenance and proper care.

Power required by an oil-free air compressor

The amount of power required by you will depend on the compressor’s size more than anything else. It will be imperative to go through the instructions meticulously. You may also ask the experienced staff at the outlets for getting answers if you have any queries. Make sure to consider the other tools that you are going to use. You will require sufficient amp power for operating the equipment effectively and in a risk-free manner.

Being one of the frontrunners for more than 3 decades in the compressor industry, we can consider Colt group as one of the leading Oil Free Air Compressor Manufacturers in India. They are known to produce compressors that are ideal for lots of industries like Pet Bottling, Auto Ancillaries, Sugar Mills, Glass Industries, Chemical Plants, Steel Plants, Food Processing Industries, Cold Storage and Gas Generation Plants, Cement Plants, and so forth. This company can boast of having an experienced and committed team whose objective will be to improve the reliability and productivity of all equipment they manufacture and supply right now.