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How Oil Free Reciprocating Compressor

Pure compressed air is essential for proper operation. Oil spills make it more expensive to maintain clean air. Oil-free or oil-less air compressors are widely used to mitigate this issue. Compared to an oil-injected compressor, Colt Equipments' oil-free air compressor has fewer moving parts and requires no oil for lubrication.

Oil Free Reciprocating Compressor is gaining popularity today because of their low price, low environmental impact, and consistent output. Read on more about the machines' functionality and the advantages they can bring to your application.

How Oil-Free Air Compressors Work

Colt Equipments' oil-free air compressors either don't use moving parts within the compression chamber or employ other materials to shield the mechanism from wear and tear in place of lubrication.

Compressors that don't use oil often rely on water or a Teflon coating to prevent friction and wear. Proper sealing prevents oil from polluting the compressed air because the lubrication of bearings and gears occurs outside the compression chamber. The result is air that is completely free of oil. Several oil-free Pressure Vessels Suppliers and Manufacturers have further removed metal-to-metal contact within the compression chamber to eliminate the requirement for oil-based and synthetic lubrication.

Your total cost of ownership may decrease due to these improvements in cleanliness and the environment. Some things to think about if you're thinking about making the transition to an oil-free model:

  • Energy costs are kept to a minimum because there is no need to increase force, as some fluid-flooded units can experience a downstream pressure drop due to filtration, and oil-laden condensate does not need to be collected or disposed of.
  • The infrequent need to add oil to your compressor's tank means lower oil expenditures. When given the unload instruction, these machines can often begin unloading within two seconds, using roughly 18% of their full load horsepower.
  • It's tempting to save money in this way. If you're interested in using the oil-less compressors from Colt Equipments (P) Ltd. but need to know if you need them, it helps to understand how they operate, stack up against competing models, and what kinds of settings they thrive in.

Constructional Features

100% Oil Free Air

Oil Free Reciprocating Compressor and finished products are both vulnerable to contamination when oil is present in the air. Due to the absence of oil particles in the compressed air produced by Colt Reciprocating Compressors, the lifespan of the associated line equipment is extended. Oil is contained within the first section of the distance piece by packing efficient and wear-resistant rings.

No Foundation Required

Oil Free Reciprocating Compressor that has already been through rigorous testing can be safely installed on skids without causing damage. Anti-vibration mounts are standard on all Colt Compressors, making them the go-to option for installations on raised floors.

Complete Packaged Solution

Compressors are plug-and-play style for easy installation in this all-in-one solution. These units come complete with everything you need, including a programmable PLC control system, compressors, radiators, motors, air receivers, dryers, and more.

Pre - tested for Performance

Each Colt Oil Free Reciprocating Compressor goes through rigorous testing after assembly in a state-of-the-art testing Facility to ensure peak performance. After final assembly, packages are tested thoroughly on test beds under varying loads.

Engineering Excellence

Highly qualified, committed engineering project teams provide the most effective solutions for compression needs. Our commitment to constant technical innovation allows us to provide cutting-edge options to our customers.


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