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Air Compressors Working and Types

In the world of pneumatics, compressors play a vital role as they are building blocks of many factories and mechanical instruments today. Every kind of compressor utilises a very simple principle that is increasing the pressure of the air to compress it, so that the exerted air is released with high pressure. Although simple in working mechanism, compressors are one of the inevitable components of many simple tools and machines that are often part of day-to-day life. Before the advancement of air compressors, many devices were operated by other complicated systems. Hence this recent development has made the task quite easy and less complicated.

About Air Compressors and Its Working Principle

The air is locked inside a compressor unit before it is used for applications. It is required that one should also focus on Reconditioning of Compressor Cylinders from time to time to maintain its functionality and enhance its shelf life. For a layman, compressed air is one that is inside a vacuum cleaner or a pump or the one used for inflating a balloon. But when it comes to complex applications, the underlying principle becomes utmost important.

The working principle of air compressor is to create a potential energy by exerting pressure on the atmospheric air. This compressed air is stored in a compressor unit or a tank. When this tank is opened to release the air, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and that can be used to power various tools and devices.

A core aspect of compressed air is air displacement. Each compressor unit has an internal mechanism to push air through the chamber. For this purpose, there are basically 2 types of displacement- positive and dynamic displacement. The former is mostly used by air compressors. The air is pulled into the chamber which reduces the volume inside the chamber to compress it. The latter make use of an impeller with rotating blades to get the air inside the chamber. It is also known as non-positive displacement and is much faster than the positive displacement.

Non Lubricated Compressors

A major class of compressors available today is the Vertical Non Lubricated Compressor. There is as such no difference between both the classes in terms of working or manufacturing parts, but the only difference lies in its manufacturing style. An important feature of non-lubricated compressor is that it is 100% oil free air which ensures that the compressed air is not contaminated with oil particles.

These do not require any kind of foundation and have comparatively low vibrational levels. At Colt Group different kinds of compressors are available and one of the major categories is that of Oil Free High Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor. These have a robust design and hence can be used for a wide range of applications. Such compressors are available in pressures from 4 to 60 bars. Some of the applications of these compressors include the likes of pet blowing, pharma, food, chemical industries among others. They are available in varying sizes and wide operating range.

Air compressors are a new concept and are widely used in different applications ranging from simple household unit to more complex factory tools and equipment.