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Which Company Manufactures The Best Screw Air Compressor In India?

Air compressors are used in several applications and in different kinds of industries for different purposes. By definition air compressors are basically a device that utilises the energy of stored air to generate potential energy. This potential energy stored inside a container or a storage tank generates kinetic energy of different intensities based on different applications. Broadly classified into low pressure, medium pressure and high-pressure air compressors, these devices have a wide range of applications that use energy from very low intensity to that of high.

Air Compressors at Colt Group

Colt is a pioneer brand name that is well known for developing flawless and 100 percent quality air compressors. They are one of the reliable and trustworthy Screw Air Compressor (VFD). Apart from screw air compressors, other range of products manufactured at the firm includes the likes of ammonia reciprocating compressors, reciprocating low- and high-pressure compressors, gas compressors, shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, PSA oxygen and nitrogen plants among others. The focus of the team here is quality and not quantity and with a constant zeal to satisfy the needs of the clients, it has today become one of the best manufacturers of screw as well as Oil Free Air Compressor Manufacturers in India. There are many companies today that manufacturers such high end devices but some of the reasons to choose the company are given below:

  • The motto of the company is quality and hence never compromise on the overall quality of the end products
  • It offers best in class and cost-effective solutions as per the guidelines of the clients
  • The products are tested at every stage of development and client feedback is taken so as to ensure integration of the development stages
  • The team of manufacturers here are well experienced in their domain, hence one can be assured of quality products

One of the main features of the Screw Air Compressor Manufacturer in India at Colt is that they are quality and branded products that abide to the European standards of quality. The company also provides for 2 years of warranty along with low-cost maintenance charges.

Different Applications of the Air Compressor

There are air compressors that are small sized and can be used at home for different purposes like inflating balloons or flat tyres. Pressure washers also make use of a simple air compressor. Other complex applications of the air compressors are as follows:

  • Carpentry and woodwork make use of air compressors for removing dust and excess particles, for eliminating imperfections etc.
  • Air compressors are also used in art and craft. For example, air blow guns for final cleaning, paint sprayers among others
  • Small scale air compressor can be used for cleaning the yard or lawn
  • For business or industry purpose, air compressors are widely used to power pneumatic tools
  • Medical and dental services
  • Different industries like manufacturing, agriculture, farming, pharmaceutical, drycleaning, energy, food and beverage etc. also make use of air compressors in one or the other way

There are even more applications and sectors that make use of air compressors as they are one of the most common devices that are suitable for almost every kind of industries.