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The Role of Compressors in the Pet Bottle Manufacturing Industry

Worldwide, PET (polyethene terephthalate) soft drink bottles make up around 70% of the total, far surpassing aluminium and glass as the most popular material choice.

There are several shared characteristics among the many different types of compressors used in this sector, which range from the more commonplace to the more specialised. The process involves making all those plastic bottles that you see in stores. In this in-depth article, learn about compressors, their function in Pet Bottling Compressors, and where to get high-quality compressor valve components.

Compressor Function

The PET bottle manufacturing business currently uses several different plastic bottle creation technologies. Regardless of the technology used, the compressor is always the part of the operation that needs the most care and attention while making plastic bottles. This is because every single operation involves moulding the bottle with pressurised air.

Because it operates under high pressure, high heat, and repeated cycles, the compressor must precisely regulate the airflow through the system as needed. This makes it an essential component for the operation to be a success.

Reciprocating compressors, which generate internal pressure via the action of pistons, have long formed the backbone of the PET bottle production sector. To manufacture the more complexly designed product, these Pet Bottling Compressors frequently had to generate plant air at pressures beyond 650 psi. However, businesses are increasingly favouring lower-pressure systems to save money and energy. The production industry has been able to use centrifugal compressors because, despite not being able to create as much power as a reciprocating compressor of the same size, they are more energy efficient and can produce more airflow.

Why the Compressor Valve is So Important

The Pet Bottling Compressors valves used to make PET bottles endure prolonged exposure to high pressure. The components must be very long-lasting for this to work reliably and effectively. The valve controls the operating pressure and airflow through the PET bottle manufacturing system, ensuring the injector receives only air when needed.

One of the most important things to remember when making PET bottles is that it produces acetaldehyde. When the blowing process reaches temperatures higher than 260°C, an organic by-product known as these forms on the surface of the plastic. Careful regulation of the airflow velocities is essential for reducing shear, which can lead to material overheating and moulding issues with the bottle's shape, thereby reducing the amount of AA produced.

Prolonging the Usage Period of Machinery

All parts are susceptible to degradation and decay, even when employing the highest feasible component standard. You can get the best information about the estimated lifespan of systems and parts from a reputable manufacturer or skilled technician. Some steps can be taken to lessen the wear and tear on machine components, extending the intervals between servicing and replacing them.

It is common practice to reduce blow pressure on equipment by determining the lowest pressure needed to blow bottles to the specified quality standards and removing any unnecessary strain on the system. Due to this, the company's energy bill and the compressor's internal temperature will go down. Optimal performance, however, necessitates meticulous design and execution by an experienced engineer, which can negatively impact manufacturing speed.


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