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Usage Of Screw Air Compressor (VFD) In Industrial Field

The findings demonstrate a relationship between the air compressor's actual power usage and motor speed. As a result, slowing down the motor is required to lower the air compressor's real energy usage. Screw Air Compressor (VFD) enable accurate synchronization of electrical and frequency control in an air compressor system when used in conjunction with electrical control. This permits real-time control of the motor speed (output power) without affecting the torque of the motor. The ability to adjust the compressor speed in response to variations in the system pressure while maintaining a constant system pressure is required to produce the required output of high-quality air pressure in accordance with the criteria.

How does the variable frequency drive (VFD) on my air compressor operate? As a result, the foundations of energy efficiency and how they are applied are as follows:

  • A series of air compressors coupled to a set of variable frequency drives (VFD) ought to be able to supply the production equipment's lowest pressure setting requirements. The variable frequency drive (VFD) modifies the compressor speed in response to the pattern of varying pressure in the pipe network, removing the need to empty the air compressor. By doing this, you can preserve electricity.
  • Thanks to the system's variable frequency drive (VFD), which stabilizes the up and down pressure of the pipe network and lessens or eliminates pressure fluctuations, all of the air compressors in the system are able to meet production needs and minimize power loss. They are able to function at the lowest pressure as a result.
  • The air compressor is typically designed with a larger capacity because, since it is unavoidable, there is always a chance that it will operate at full load for an extended period of time. As a result, the highest demand is the sole factor that may define the motor's capability. The percentage of light load running time is very high in real-world operations. Using the frequency control can significantly increase the operation's efficiency. Therefore, it has a significant deal of potential to reduce the energy consumption of the air compressor system.
  • Even with low demand, several control strategies are unable to limit the motor's operational power. Controlling the angle at which the blade changes and the valve's opening are two of these methods. By lowering motor speed and operating power, frequency control allows for effective energy conservation even in situations of low demand.
  • It is not possible to adjust a single-motor drag system in real time to account for shifting loading weights. The performance of the air compressor was significantly enhanced by the application of frequency control, which can maintain the consistency of parameters like flow, pressure, temperature, etc.

Last words

Variable frequency drive (VFD) screw compressors are known for their durability and ability to withstand extreme circumstances. Furthermore, it has a corrosion-resistant design that enhances dependability and performance. In addition, the compressor's design makes it simple to maintain, requiring less resistance and little downtime. The Screw Air Compressor (VFD) is a great option to consider in the realm of industrial applications. The well-considered engineering and robust construction of Colt Equipment’s (p) Ltd compressor should ensure years of dependable performance. Because to its thoughtful design, compressor maintenance is a snap. Its energy-efficient design also allows you to reduce your energy costs.