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Types and Functioning Of Air Compressors

There are many different kinds of industries that make use of compressors of different types for multiple applications. These compressors are simple devices that have numerous applications in households as well as in large industries. The working principle mainly relies on high pressure creation that generates compressed air. Colt is a brand name that has been associated with the quality high grade compressors units. The entire manufacturing unit and the production team here ensures that flawless products are manufactured adhering to all industry guidelines and regulations.

Different Types of Compressors

The most common form of compressors that found wide range of applications is air compressor. Another category of advanced kind of compressor is Water Cooled Compressors and Pet Bottling Compressors. The former one makes use of a liquid coolant from an external unit that would cool the compressed air inside. It includes a cooling circuit that reduces the heat. These kinds of compressors are usually used in high power machines. Usually for pet bottling, oil free air compressors are utilised. They are highly efficient in comparison to their counterparts.

Depending on the kind of industry and requirement of the clients, there are various kinds of compressors used for pet bottling application including that with low noise and vibration levels. The best part of the compressors at colt is that they can be easily customised as per the client or application requirement. Being oil free, such compressors don’t make use of cost air filters and hence there is no considerable loss of energy. Apart from these 2 categories, there are various other kinds of air compressors that are manufactured at Colt Group including screw air compressors, ammonia reciprocating compressors, refrigeration screw compressors, gas compressors among others. These air compressors can be broadly classified into 3 categories:

  • Reciprocating air compressors
  • Rotary screw compressors
  • Air Compressors Working Principle

Air Compressors Working Principle

For the Reciprocating Air Compressor, which is the most basic kind of compressor, a moving piston is used to create pressurised gas. This piston moves up and down to compress and decompress the air. The advantage is that this kind of compressor does not make use of electricity but can only be able to pressurize a small amount of air in one go. In case of rotary screw compressors, a motor is used to rotate a rotor to push the air into an air hose. The size of rotor determines the volume of air that can be compressed at a time. It requires electricity and depending on the size of rotor, the unit consumption will be higher.

In the mechanical rotary centrifugal compressors, there is a spinning disc that is used to develop a seal inside the chamber. The air is then pushed to the chamber via blower and then compressed and pushed back via an exhaust port. This kind of compressor generates lower pressure than rotary screw compressors but a higher volume of air. This is comparatively difficult to use but is high in efficiency. There are advantages and disadvantages to every industrial equipment, but depending on the nature of the industry, one has to select the most efficient one.